Greetings all! I'm a relatively new serious bourbon drinker, just getting into the spirit for real a few months ago. Until then, I had only a passing acquaintance with bourbon. Then I read The Book of Bourbon, and that section with all of the tasting notes and I started to get the urge to try all those different brands myself...

Several freshly bought bottles later, I'm really hooked! Based on recommendations here, I've bought and found that I enjoy rye too! Looks like I've found another expensive (but oh so enjoyable) hobby for myself.

My favorite "everyday" bourbon so far is Buffalo Trace. In fact, I've enjoyed all of their products that I've tried so far. Have yet to try Stagg, which so far I haven't found in my area, but that's the next one on my list!

Speaking of things to try, I'd really like to try Templeton's Rye, as I've heard great things about it, but from what I read on their website the distribution is very limited right now. I've yet to find an internet spirit merchant that carries it, though I haven't looked that hard. Are there any out there, or do I have to plan a detour to Iowa on my next road trip?