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    First time drinker!


    Discounting a few beers back in Highschool (late 70's), I had my first nip of Alcohol a couple of days ago: Jim Beam Black label.
    I've read alot about Whiskey's health benefits-in small doses!
    So I've taken to drinking 1.5 oz of Jim Beam a day since, oh..Sunday evening.
    I'd never tasted Whiskey/Bourbon before, so it didn't taste good straight or mixed with water. This evening I tried JBB with alot of diet Coke. Bingo.
    Now I know why Jim Beam & Coke is so popular!
    Is it "kosher" to drink JBB with Diet Coke, or is the more pedestrian White label the preferred variety to mix with Diet Coke? I've learned alot from lurking this forum over the last week. Feel free to chime in.


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    Re: First time drinker!

    it is even better with ginger ale. You will find that the taste of whiskey grows on you. And don't be afraid to try other brands with water. experiment.
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough". Mark Twain

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    Re: First time drinker!

    Leave the white label on the shelf.....and diet coke....yup....that's good!!


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    Re: First time drinker!

    Try the white label you may like it just as well mixed with coke. It is your bourbon drink it your way.



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