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    Re: New Hotalings bottlings

    Thanks for the heads-up on this. It looks interesting. I see Blanton is listed, so presumably not all the products are technically pot still (I guess Blanton is partly, though).

    I liked the part in the Dutch section about "tasten and nosen", I can dig it.


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    Re: New Hotalings bottlings

    Just came upon this video from Anchor. Fritz shows some good images of early stills. Note how he mentions that he cannot call his 18th Cent. Whiskey a "Rye", and might have something more to say about that...


    I am left with a stronger impression of the work, thought, and passion he puts into his spirits. Makes me want to try some Hotalings again. I finished a bottle a while back, but would like to give it another go.
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    Re: New Hotalings bottlings

    Quote Originally Posted by jinenjo View Post
    ...Makes me want to try some Hotalings again...
    Oh that can be arranged at Study Group, where all your dreams can come true. See you tonight.




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