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    Cool Re: Old Rip Van Winkle..where to buy?

    I can't find Old Rip around here either....guess I will have to go the Bourbon festival and buy a few bottles. I have done several tastings this week because I am on vacation. I'll have to say that Makers Mark stands out as my favorite this week! Knob Creek is right up there too. Wish I had the Old Rip here for this weekends tastings.....hope the weather holds. Last weekend I went to a local Bluesfest and I want to tell you that Joe Bonnamassa is a must see ..Bourbon, Blues, and BBQ....life is good! Hermanski

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    Re: Old Rip Van Winkle..where to buy?

    Up here in CT I can easily get PVW20 in any of the big liquor stores as well as the Lot B. The 10/90 and 107 will not be available until mid-Sept I've been told.

    The funny thing is I just saw the ORVW 10/90 and 107 just about a month ago and decided to pass on it. As it turns out, that wasn't a wise idea.

    At any rate, my mentality for purchasing VW products here in CT is as follows. Why bother purchasing a Lot B (Bernheim) when I can get a 15 yo (when avail) for virtually the same price and it's a S/W.

    On the other side of the coin, why bother to purchase a Lot B for $45 when I can purchase a 10 yo 107 for $20 less? It's the same bourbon (Bernheim), only two years younger, and it's at a higher proof (Lot B is 90 proof and the 10 is 107).

    Sometimes I just don't understand the pricing.



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