I'm not new here, but I haven't been very active at all on SB.com for 6 months or more and just wanted to let you all know that I'm back and plan to be a more active participant in the future. I just sort of got side-tracked with work and other pursuits (although I continued to enjoy fine whiskeys and sharing same with friends). My apologies for the long absence and also to a few of you for some unreturned private messages proposing trades - I will get back to you shortly as soon as I take stock of my current collection.

Just made a couple of road trips (one from Texas to DC, and one from DC to North Jersey) with some substantial bourbon hauls - both dusty bottles and new stuff. Among the notable dusty bottle finds were quite a few 1.75L bottles of National Distillers DSP-KY-14 Old Grand-Dad BIB (marked as 8 years old on the faux tax stamp) and I am looking forward to trying it out as I've heard such good things. Other dusty bottle finds included a full case of 6 bottles of 1989 EWSB with orange wax tops, several 375 ml bottles of Old Fitz BIB from DSP-KY-16, a W.L. Weller 19 year old, an ORVW 15 107 that was discounted 30% because the liquor store owner couldn't get anyone to buy it (!!!), a 1.75L of Wild Turkey 8 year old that appears to be from the early '80s, some I.W. Harper Gold Medal (4 year old), some older bottles of OF 100 proof, and no doubt some other things I'm forgetting. I will post full details and pics for each trip in separate posts.

I'm also starting to get into scotch a bit more, and am exploring my taste preference there. I seem to like Talisker, Clynelish, Highland Park, and the Islay malts. Recommendations always appreciated.

Howie, Greg, & Mark - I hope to get together with you guys sometime soon for a tasting. Sorry for having to bail out of the one in May. I now have access to a car, so I can get around the area much more easily and am no longer constrained by the DC metro system.