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    Four Roses Yellow Label Reformulated

    I just returned from a luncheon for Mellow Moments Club members. (Four Roses BourboGeeks)
    Jim Rutledge showed the new Yellow Label.
    Very Nice. Torn Parchment Look.
    But I think the bourbon is different.
    1. More years in the barrel (a slight hint of oak, unusuaL in FR bourbons)
    2. Lots more Rye
    3. More balanced

    I got a hint from the distillery manager that this is a different mix of the 10 bourbons from FR and find the improvement very positive.
    If you've ever had the honor of tasting Super Premium, draw a line half-way between it and regular yellow label.
    A positive move in my opinion.

    On a separate note, I got some info on the upcoming Rutledge commemorative (Barrel Proof, non-chill filtered). Its 13.5 years old and less than 1700 bottles wil be available.
    Best way to get one is to call the gif t shop and reserve one, if you're attending "Let's Talk Bourbon"at KBF. Otherwise, contact Sal at Thoroughbred Shop in Lexington. He's getting an allocation and will sell out quick.

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