Your guide may have sounded like she knew what she was talking about, but I know that on at least one point she is wrong. My source for the "not quite ten gallons" was one of the distillers themselves. Also, 1,000 gallons would be a very tall order with those stills, not something you could achieve in a few days.

Joe Dangler, from A. Smith Bowman, has been the key guy among the master distillers, because he's nearby. The VG barrels are from the original "vatted" whiskey they mixed there from whiskey supplied by all of the DISCUS members, which may have been what the guide was referring to, but that was done a couple of years ago. Or Joe may just have brought a couple barrels over for show. Even though they didn't age whiskey then, they would have used barrels for all sorts of things, as they didn't have stainless steel or most of the other types of containers we take for granted.

I'm trying to get some more definitive information from DISCUS or Mount Vernon. I'll report back when I know more.

Personally, I think it is historically important when they make whiskey there and exactly what they did should be properly recorded. I'm trying to determine if it was or if it can be at least reconstructed from the participants.