Gotta admit it. After whiskey, a gin martini is my favorite drink. I've become partial to the "dirty" martini recently. I started with Tanqueray, then Tanq 10. Tried Bombay Sapphire and love it; I keep a bottle in the freezer. Lately, I've discovered Hendrick's Gin and it could be a new favorite. Olive juice is getting more available; Sam's Wine has it and I saw Dirty Sue's Olive Juice (apparently made popular on Sex In The City) at Cost Plus the other day. I ordered a few different bottles online several months ago, but it looks like that won't be necessary anymore.

Oh, the other thing is bleu cheese stuffed olives. Sam's Wine has hand stuffed olives that use a mix of Maytag Bleu, Stilton, and cream cheese. They are AMAZING; that's what's in the pic. An alternative is Santa Barbara; I keep a fresh jar around just in case. Have to avoid olives that sit in oil; they ruin the drink.

Here's tonight's cocktail: