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    Found some dusties

    I'm not sure how signifigant the find, but I found some dusty Old Grand Dad 114's "Barrel Proof" (2). One had a comprimized cork, the other was fine.

    The price I paid for the good bottle was $17.99 and for the other $14.99.

    I have attached a couple pictures for you all to see.

    By the way, this find is as a result of my taking the advise of some members here to go out and buy some MM. In the process of th doing that, I found the dusties in an old liquor store that was sold to the current owner back in '02. The two bottles were left in the basement and the current owner decided to try and sell them. There was an old price on there for $22.99 but then was dropped to $17.99. I'm not sure who put the old price on there (old or current owners).

    Anyway, I know Old Grand Dad is well like in these parts and figured for the price I can't go wrong. The price of $17.99, I found out was as a result of the current owner looking up the price of a current bottling of Old Grand DAD 114.

    Thanks for all the help and any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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