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    Re: Beer Cap Challenge!

    I toured the Celis brewery in Austin several years ago. Well, I missed the tour, but I got there in time for the tasting. Austin law limits one to four drinks in one place, so I only got four free beers.

    I never had any made in Michigan, but it seems I wasn't missing much. I just googled to find out what happened. I see that Miller happened.

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    Re: Beer Cap Challenge!

    This last spring/summer Flying Dog did a witbier that was almost a clone for Hoegaarden. I was hoping it was going to be a regular production addition but much to my dismay it is gone. Next year I'm stocking up. 7.99 a 6 for a local beer is tough but not compared to 9.99 for Hoegaarden.
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    Re: Beer Cap Challenge!

    Quote Originally Posted by craigthom View Post
    Austin law limits one to four drinks in one place, so I only got four free beers.
    I wonder how strictly this is enforced. Last spring, my wife and I went to the SXSW music festival. We decided to stop in to the Gingerman (a very good beer bar with a large selection). To promote the very good acoustic concert on the back patio, they were offering St. Arnold's (Houston brewery) Elissa IPA (a good, balanced, hoppy example of the American style) free. I had six before deciding I needed to be able to walk back to the car.

    At any rate, yeah, you didn't miss much by missing Miller's abomination of Celis White.

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    Re: Beer Cap Challenge!

    I'm glad I posted this. After hearing so much about the Hoegaarden after the cap was identified I picked some up when I noticed it in a liquor store I was in. This stuff is expensive, the 6 pack cost about $11, but it was worth it. I've never had a beer like this, the finish makes me think of champagne. This is definitely on the buy again list. Based on the comments I'll say it's too bad I can't try the original one.

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