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    How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    As this is my first post to this fine forum I was wondering how you take your drink. I know there are some who enjoy it neat, some who who like it on the rocks and some with a splash of water. There are even some who like it with coke or make a Manhattan.

    As for me, I like it neat. I have tried with ice and don't like fine bourbon cold. I have tried with some water and couldn't get next to that either. I pour about and ounce and a half of room temp bourbon and enjoy it over a period of 20-30 mins.

    I am not posting to say one is superior over another as this is a personal choice of taste. I am just curious how you take yours.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Welcome, Jim.
    I almost never use ice, unless in a mixed drink/cocktail. I don't like the change that occurs via dilution as the ice melts. Otherwise, I drink it however the mood fits me. Less and less often, that is neat/straight, unless I'm tasting for evaluative purposes. Not infrequently, I'll drink bourbon-and-cola/ginger ale (depends, to me, whether the bourbon is wheated or rye-recipe). Manhattans, an occasional Sazerac, sometimes some concoction I throw together using whatever ingredients I have on hand, all take their turn in the rotation.
    So, no hard-and-fast rule here.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Depends for me. Most the time it is neat or with a very little spach of water.

    On soem nights I will toss in a cube or two of ice with the higher proof stuff (stagg, weller, PH, etc)

    Welcome to the site.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Bourbon on the bourbon with a splash of bourbon, would be my most common method of consumption.

    Cocktails (Sazerac/Manhatten), on the rocks and with a mixer(Sprite/Ginger Ale) also occur.
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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Generally, I like mine on the rocks unless I am doing a tasting. Then I prefer it neat or with just a splash of water.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Neat, without water, unless it's very high proof (e.g. George T Stagg), usually in a small snifter.

    During the summer, occasionally on the rocks, while sitting outside.

    It occurs to me that the GTS will be good for that, because the melting->dilution problem will be less.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    I prefer my bourbon within arm's reach.

    With that in mind, I take the higher proof (> 100) expresions with a small cube of ice. I'm trying to wean myself off of the habit, but I'd rather have a bit of water mixed in than have my taste buds check out and kill my enjoyment of the spirits.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    Welcome to the forum. I am a relative newbie as well. The folks here have taught me a lot and I am still learning. I enjoy all of my bourbon neat at room temperature.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?


    2 oz. of JBB (Or JBW) mixed with Diet Coke in a small glass over ice. It's my nightcap. Puts me right to sleep.


    PS: Now I prefer JBW or JBB to Knob Creek. Obviously YMMV.

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    Re: How do you enjoy your bourbon?

    If it's not good enough to enjoy neat or at most, lightly dusted (1 part water to 4 parts whisk(e)y) I usually won't buy it again. About the only mixed drinks I enjoy are Bloody Marys (a prelude to Sunday brunch), Irish Coffee (or Kentucky Coffee), bourbon mint tea (chocolate mint used in bourbon to make a tea, served over ice), and a well made Margarita on the rocks.




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