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    What about Jack?

    Hey to all. I'm VERY new to bourbon. I'm currently working my way through a bottle of Knob Creek. My first question for all of you here is, what about Jack Daniels? I know it's not a bourbon, but I had some Jack black a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. I'm also interested in learing more about their line of premium/small batch stuff like Gentlemen Jack and others. Thanks for your input in advance.

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    Re: What about Jack?


    Welcome! You'll find a few folks here who enjoy JD. There's even a forum called "Other American Whiskey", or something like that, where you will find discussions about it.

    I've been drinking bourbon for only a few years now. In contrast you'll find many members who compare today's bottlings to those of decades past. Living in an area where there's no chance of finding a so-called "dusty bottle" of an old bottling, I usually skip over those discussions.

    Although the term "small batch" is a marketing term with no agreed meaning, its application to Gentleman Jack is probably not appropriate. As I understand it, GJ is the same as No. 7 but for being filtered not once but twice through a 10 foot-deep vat of hard maple charcoal. I used to drink it regularly, but I haven't had an open bottle on the shelf for a few years.

    JD does have a premium bottling that I drink a few times a year. It's the Single Barrel. I hadn't had any for a while, and then I bought a bottle last year right after I had a drink of it at the Prescott (AZ) Rodeo, of all places -- served in a plastic cup. I'm not sure it's worth its cost on a regular basis (I feel the same about $40+ bourbons that I enjoy), but the first bottle is probably worth the cost just for the educational value -- all the more so for fans of JD No. 7.

    The only other JD whiskey I'm aware of is the green label; I forget the actual name. I've never tried it. IIRC, it's a lesser aged version of the same whiskey that's bottled as No. 7. I could be wrong about that.

    I do know that when I toured the Lynchburg facility around 1980, I was told that it came from the center of the rickhouse, where interaction with the barrel is less due to more stable temperatures. That may have changed in 25+ years.

    Before you finish the Knob Creek, I suggest you pick up a bottle of a bourbon that has wheat in the mash in place of rye. It will be a marked contrast to KC, possibly less assertive and a little sweeter. The Weller 12 y/o would be a reasonable choice. Weller also has higher proof bottlings, but I'm not familiar with them.

    Somewhere on this site there must be a list of the relatively few wheat-recipe bourbons (aka, "wheaters"), but I don't know where, off-hand. Others include the Van Winkles (Pappy or Old Rip), Old Fitzgerald and Rebel Yell. I'm probably forgetting one or two.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: What about Jack?

    I like the standard JD for what it is. Character tends to merit high ratings in my book and I think JD passes that test with honours. I´m a bit disappointed that they lowered the proof, though.

    As for the single barrel, don´t listen to that old fart Morefield( ) It is simply great. As with all single barrel products, it varies from bottle to bottle but I´ve never had one that has been less than very good.

    If you´re out travelling, explore the tax-free shops at the airports and you might bump into a 100 proof version of the single barrel called Silver Select. A bit different in profile from your standard JD but well worth checking out.
    Delighted to see you if you can find me!

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    Re: What about Jack?

    Hey Big Larry,
    IMO, JD sucks! High $$, low proof and filtered flavor. This is not what I look for in whisky value. I would pass on the whole line. I would also pass on most of the JBeam line for the same reason. If you would like to stick with one distillery....I would look for Wild Turkey or Buffalo Trace and explore thier lines. Both serve excellent flavor and great value. They also have a large variety of labels and profiles.
    Good luck!

    Jeff Mo.

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    Re: What about Jack?

    Welcome BL.

    Jeff didn't waste any time getting to the point regarding JD or JB but he's on target (in my opinion). What I have found over the years is that the palate will mature as you explore bourbons and whiskey's. You will quickly determine what you like and don't like as time progresses and you are able to sample various whiskeys. I too started off with the simple Jacks, Beams, Turkey 80 early in my bourbon and whiskey drinking years and I pretty much stuck with those because I didn't know any better. I'm not saying for a second that those who drink these various offerings are wrong or uninformed, but for me, I found that there were so many other bourbons out there that I quickly moved away from these mass produced whiskey's and started drinking a much wider variety that challenged my taste buds and drinking experience. You will find many members here on SB.com have a "daily pour", and then many that do not. My daily pour is whatever I feel like having. For instance, this week I've varied between rye and wheat mashbill, high/low proof, young and old. I take a very eclectic approach to drinking and don't want to stagnate in any one brand or offering. Bottom line, drink what pleases you and drink it any way you want. If you like JD, have at it and enjoy but expand as you can because there are many fine whiskey's out there to be had.
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    Re: What about Jack?

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesbassdad View Post

    Before you finish the Knob Creek,
    I would like to expand a bit on what Dave mentioned in the above post.
    Save some of that Knob Creek, also save a few shots of everything so in the future you can go back and compare notes and/or see how your taste buds have matured.

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    Re: What about Jack?

    I don't know if this would be the forum to defend JD, but I will stick up for at least some of the JB products. Bookers and Bakers are both JB products and I have enjoyed them very much. I would love to have Buffalo Trace and Van Winkle Products all the time, but here in WA they are hard to find and frequently can't be found. I am still working through my first ever bottle of JBB 8 Year old, and I am enjoying that as well. So at least for those JB products I would not write them off. WT 101 is a great Bourbon and good value, and readily available as well.
    A lot of what you can try depends on where you live, you should add that to your profile because there are folks here from all over and they will help you to find some nice bottles when possible.
    Welcome to SB...lot's of great information and folks here.


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    Re: What about Jack?

    I would absolutely second the opinion that not all JB products are bad. Jim Beam Black is above average and a good deal when on sale around here. About 4 bucks more than Jim Beam white and 4 bucks cheaper than Wild Turkey 101.

    Jump around a bunch and see what you tend to prefer but keep trying different things. I always try to keep a varied supply on hand and mix things up quite a bit.

    As for a daily pour I tend to go back and forth between Wild Turkey 101 and Wild Turkey Rye. Kind of the baseline that all others are judged against.


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    Re: What about Jack?

    You'll find a lot of anti-Jack sentiments on this board. I for one occasionally drink the Single Barrel both neat and in the odd JD and Coke. But I suspect I'm in the minority.

    As for Beam whiskey. I prefer Booker's but occasionally drink KC in bars and restaurants.

    Drink what you like. You're the one paying for it.

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    Thumbs down Re: What about Jack?

    What about Jack? I can't stand the stuff. Honestly, it reminds me of paint thinner. Also, I have nothing against that type of whisky, as George Dickel "white" label (I think they call it No. 12) is a perfectly decent pour. I just don't like Jack Daniels.

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