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I think some here simply won't drink Jack in any form, but many do appreciate it once in a while, especially the Single Barrel and Silver Select (same thing but 100 proof, Single Barrel is 94 proof). The whiskey, even at its best, does not seem to approach complexity of the best bourbon, but it has its own profile and the single barrel bottlings do vary somewhat in palate (some seem more bourbon-like than others, basically). Recently to 3/4's of a half pint of regular JD I added 1/4 of a JD Single Barrel. The advantage of doing this is you retain the complexity (relatively) of the regular JD, clearly put together from hundreds of barrels, but can improve the taste and proof by adding to it from a single barrel bottling. Anyway, JD has its place, but after some experimentation with it I feel the extensive, preliminary maple charcoal treatment really does alter the product (Dickel too), they do stand apart from bourbon in this respect.

Must admit I had language difficulties here. By “alter” do you mean change or make less good Gary?