I view this site every couple of days and really enjoy it. Most of the people in here seem to be industry related and extremely knowledgable about Bourbon. I'm just a country boy from a small town in Okla. and can't tell a vanilla flavor from a smokey, dusky flavor etc. But I do know I like Bourbon, my father is a Bourbon drinker, as were my grandparents on both sides. Having grown up in a family that believed that it was only civilized to have 'cocktail hour' in the hour before dinner I have carried on this tradition. My problem is, when guests are over many of them request crown royal and I reply that I would be glad to pour them a Bourbon, scotch, or any number of vodka drinks but I do not keep crown, canadian mist or other canadian drinks in my house.
Then when I go visiting they insist I have a crown royal with them and act hurt when I tell them to pour me whatever Bourbon they have on hand, even an Old Crow or other inexpensive Bourbon. How do I reply to these people, they try to act like liquor snobs and always point out the price of their liquor.
sorry to ramble on,