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    Hello all! Newbie here =)

    Hey everyone -

    I'm a newbie here and would just like to say hello to everyone. What is everyone drinking here??

    - Molly

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    Re: Hello all! Newbie here =)

    Hello. welcome.
    I am drinking W.L.WELLER 12 YEAR, excellent for the money.
    What are you having?

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    Re: Hello all! Newbie here =)

    Welcome Molly,

    You will find most of us drinking a large (read excessive) number of different bottlings. Check the members profiles for recommendations. You may also wish to update your profile with relevant info: where you are being one of the most important, as other members are likely to either be located there or know the area and can then give recommendations based on what is known to be available there.

    Welcome to the family, enjoy your time here, it's a long, strange journey of enlightenment.
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    Re: Hello all! Newbie here =)

    Welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy your visits as much as the rest of us. Most recent pour was Old Forester 100.

    Jeff Mo.

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    Re: Hello all! Newbie here =)

    Welcome Molly. Take your time going through the forums; it's a great education. You will find many members here are rather eclectic when it comes to a daily pour (at least I am). Last night I had a Binny's honey barrel Weller 12 year (which is really a 14+ year). A really good pour.
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