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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    Quote Originally Posted by tsh3406 View Post
    From anther new guy, I try everything I have both neat and on the rocks. Helps me distinguish the flavors better. Eveybodies palate is different. Mine's not as sharp so changing the temperature or alcohol helps me a lot.


    yeah, i'm the same way too... since I'm learning about this stuff, I'm trying everything different ways, so feel free to figure out what you like.

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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    well I would say have it your way. My whiskey journey started mixed with coke or sprite. Then to rocks. then fewer cubes. then just a little water. Now it's mostly neat. what got me thinking about losing the rocks was I realized how watered down the whiskey became as the ice melted in the glass. So what whiskey's go good on the rocks. Well PVW lot B, WT Rye, WT Russel 's Reserve, Buff trace, Elmer T. lee, Maker's mark, Knob creek, Baker's, ER 10 and EC 12. Another way to ask your question would be which whiskey's would you not drink on the rocks. answer > None! try them all and remember your favs and always give bottle a second chance.

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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    I like my Bourbon over ice in summer. I would suggest any of 100 or 101 proof brands. WT 101, Old Grandad BIB, JW Dant BIB, Old Fitzgerald BIB. Don't forget to try some WT Rye.

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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    I drink everything with exactly three cubes of ice. Always. I find if I order it this way, i don't get a glass full of crushed ice with a hint of bourbon in it (happened in Vegas with a pour of Bookers once).

    I particularly like Old Grand Dad 114, I think it opens up nicely and is a fantastic pour. I have also found Russel's Reserve to be very good.

    For me it's not the water in the ice, it's the temperature. I don't like bourbon warm. I like it cold. I tried putting bottles in the freezer, which worked to at least make a bottle of Woodford Reserve drinkable (it was too weak and bland to drink on the rocks), but that's too much of a pain for me. So I stick with it on the rocks.

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    Re: On the Rocks.....

    Exactly how I like it, I find a couple small ice cubes gradually change the temperature and the proof while I sip. I feel like I experience more that way. Hate crushed ice unless I can add it myself. Judging by my little wine fridge, around 50 degrees is were I like it.



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