When a uncle of me died our family cleared his house and on the attic i found an old handwritten book belonged to my greatgreatgrandfather with recipes from almost 200 years old to make fortified wines and other houserecipes and how to drink them.Here`s one recipe i could translate properly thusfar.Two bottles of red wine,peels of 1 lemon and 1 orange (without the white)and 250 grams of sugar (unraffined brown)heat on a low fire.If the wine is hot pour a pint of very strong black tea in it and pour it in a glass.Dip a sugarcube in Arak(rum is fine too)and put it on a spoon and lit it.If the sugar is caramelizing drip it in the glass slowly and stirr till dissolved,drink as hot as possible.Nice on a cold winters day. Because ancient Dutch differs from present day Dutch it will take sometime to translate it properly but i hope you like this recipe there are more if there`s any interest.