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    Kentucky Production Schedules 1937

    I have been trying to post a lot of this stuff but I kept messin it up. Hopefully I will get it right. So far I have been successful.

    A lot of my folks (great-grandfather and great uncles) are on this schedule they have checks by their names.
    F. Otis Beam
    Joseph L. Beam
    Desmond Beam
    Wilmer Beam
    My grandfather Harry M. Beam was working under my great-grandfather Joseph L. during this time.......Elmo was assistant distiller at the T. W. Samuels at this time . He was the oldest son. During prohibition he went to Billings, Montana and under the protection of the local law made whiskey there.--IMO---(Sounds like a private distiller for a entire town). He returned when prohibition was repealed and became assistant distiller under Morgan Edelen at T.W. Samuels Distillery at Deatsville, Ky. He left T.W. Samuels in the mid 40's to manage a liquor store that the Beams had bought on 18th St. in Louisville, Ky assisted by Tom Hite, a long time friend. He left the retail store and semi-retired to Florida until 1953 when Bill Samuels Sr. called him back to become distiller at Old Samuels near Loretto, KY later Star Hill Distillery and it was his production that entered the market as Makers Mark in 1958. He only ran the plant for 2 seasons. He died shortly thereafter.

    I have also checked--- William H. McGill--- at the Stitzel, Weller in Shivley. Will was my great-grandmother Mrs Joseph (Katherine) L. Beam's brother. He worked for Julians Daddy for a very long time.

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: Kentucky Production Schedules 1937

    That's difficult to read Bettye Jo! What I find interesting is the number of small distillers on the list. The column titled "Mash" is very telling. Whether the number refers to bushels or gallons or barrels it's interesting to see that many of the distillers were running close to the '500' mark and several only around the '200' mark. I would guess that every distiller was mashing at full capacity. What do you make of this Chuck?

    Linn Spencer

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    Re: Kentucky Production Schedules 1937

    That is so cool BettyJo . Is there any one whose done more in Bourbon than the Beam's ? I can't think of any , There are plenty of people who've had an influence , The Beam's arrived on the scene in mass . There's no argument about whether they knew what they were doing!

    Bobby Cox

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    Re: Kentucky Production Schedules 1937

    In 37, it's a safe bet that everyone was mashing at full capacity, as they were still trying to build up stocks post-prohibition. On the other hand, the Depression was still underway, so getting enough operating capital was a constant struggle.

    As for "200," I know Maker's Mark propaganda has it that 200 bushels a day was about standard for a "small country distillery."

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