Greetings form Charlotte, NC. My name is Rich, and I am fairly new to bourbon and American whisky. Actually, enjoyed bourbon when I was a teenager (I am now 42). While new to bourbon, I am not to whisky; I have been very much a single malt scotch guy for about five years or so ( I have tried about 325 expressions, and keep detailed tasting notes).

Thus far, my favorite American whiskeys have been George Stage 2005, Old Potrero Single Malt Whiskey Essay 7-RW-ARM-6 100% Rye uncharred oak barrels(61%, OB, December 31st, 1907- July 14th, 2000), Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 101 (55.05%, OB), AH Hirsch Reserve 16yo (45.8%, Preiss, from Michter Dist.), and Sazerac 18yo (45%, OB, Fall 2005). I read the forum, and am enjoying learning about American whiskeys.

While I still identify mostly as a SMS guy, I am really trying to learn and appreciate American whiskies more. My current pour: an American classic, WT 101. A darn fine pour, yet without the depth and complexity that I sometimes wish for, but good, spicy fun.

If there is anyone in the Charlotte area interested in perhaps a drink or swapping samples of bourbon for SMS (that is what I have the most of, and have a pretty darn good collection, if I do say so myself), let me know.