Dane, I have a bottle of Unibroue's Ephemere in the fridge, I got it in Montreal a few weeks ago. It really is very good, I am sorry you can't find more of it in your area. It uses (to my taste) the Canadian McIntosh apple which has quite a specific flavor and odor. You might consider pouring a glass half-full with one of those stronger-tasting local fruit brews and then fill the other with a beer from the same brewery that isn't fruited, or use another beer that would serve well for this purpose. I drank half the Wisconsin Belgian Red one day (it's a 26-ouncer), and the next day I blended the remaining half with a local microbrewery ale (Wellington County's Iron Duke). It cut the sweetness and still preserved plenty of the cherry taste, while stiffening the malt base (since Belgian Red is partly a wheat brew).