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Thread: New York City

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    New York City

    Going to NYC this week and want to meet a buddy for Pappy 20. Anyone know where we can go?? I'm staying near the south end of Central Park and he's near Grand Central Station.

    btw, I found a place called Blue Smoke that has their own custom bourbon made by van Winkle.


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    Re: New York City

    d.b.a lists it...

    41 1st Ave if you need the address
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    Re: New York City

    Blue Smoke doesn't have the Pappy 20? I thought they did last I checked... hrm. Maybe the Brandy Library?

    fyi Blue Smoke has pretty decent BBQ as well.

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    Re: New York City

    The King Cole bar in the St. Regis Hotel (Central Park) has PVW 20.

    Edit: My mistake. I just called the bar and they do not have the 20yo. However, they do have the PVW 15. When I was there 3 years ago they had PVW20, but that doesn't matter much now.
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