This month we're looking a bit lower on the shelf, but not down in quality. The folks at Barton know good bourbon. The Very Old Barton line has for years been a consistently good whiskey, minus the flashy packaging, which probably accounts for its high QPR. Visitors to the distillery will tell you too that not a lot of money is spent on flashy/touristy displays that add to the price per bottle. In fact, the distillery is not open to the general public at all, except by appointment.

Rumor has it that VOB BIB is on the endangered species list, so we are taking this opportunity to explore this bourbon while it is still available. And though this particular bottling is not found far and wide, any bourbon lover paying attention during the festival should have picked up a bottle or two to take back home.

Let's raise our glasses in toast to Greg Davis, Ken Pierce and all of the other fine folks at Barton for giving us October's BOTM: VOB BIB

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FWIW, Barton is set to open a new Visitor's Center in 2009.