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    Re: Kopper Kettle Virginian Whiskey

    I tried their single malt offering, Wasmund's Single Malt, and it was awful stuff. I spit it out. Based on that experience I wasn't keen to try any of their other offerings.

    Like the Copper Fox, they "teabag" the Wasmund's too, which most people consider to be an inferior method of introducing whiskey to wood.


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    Re: Kopper Kettle Virginian Whiskey

    I talked with Rick Wasmund last night at the Independent Spirits Fest in SF. He told me that there has been a legal dispute over who had use of the name "Copper Fox" - him or his former business associates, the Virginia Lightning people. His perspective was that he had always made the Copper Fox, but after the dispute he is now calling it Kopper Kettle. He also said that he had all those chips on hand, and used them in the Wasmund's similarly to how it was used in Copper Fox/Kopper Kettle.

    He certainly believes in his product. He said he'd put his 8 month (did I really hear that right?) chipped Wasmund's up against any 12 year old single malt whisky or any 9 year old bourbon. I was surprised at how quickly his chips worked, but _really_ any whisky or whiskey????

    I have no idea about the details of the dispute, so I didn't have the heart to tell him I liked his rival's white dog Virginia Lightning quite a bit, but not so much either or their short-aged chip products.


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    Re: Kopper Kettle Virginian Whiskey

    I have a friend who's made a rauchbier with 40% of Wasmund's malt and 60% pale and caramel malts. It's delicious.
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    Re: Kopper Kettle Virginian Whiskey

    Quote Originally Posted by craigthom View Post
    It's there, but it's pretty far down: Kopper Kettle is then charcoal filtered and presoaked with oak and apple wood chips before it is aged in barrels for two years.
    Whoops - we missed that! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Rick Wasmund does indeed believe in his products. He was kind enough to allow us to come over to his distillery last year and spend the afternoon. His passion for what he's doing is obvious, and he is a very gracious host. He has a unique flavor profile he's after, and he has a unique way of getting there.

    We will say that the samples he gave us straight out of the barrel were more interesting and enjoyable than the bottled version we had later, but the essence of the flavor profile was still there.
    Dave & Tina
    (Thank you, Jim!)



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