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    Windsor Road-Trip

    We went to Windsor, Ontario yesterday.
    Got 2 one litre bottles of Wild Turkey 101 8 year old ($19 each) and
    1 one litre Wild Turkey Sherry Signature ($37) at the Duty Free Shop before crossing the bridge to Canada.

    Then on to Casino Windsor.
    I won $50 in about five minutes on the 25 cent slots.
    I cashed out and gave the ticket to my wife and I went looking for a bar.
    I wanted to try Forty Creek Barrel Select but they had none.
    I struck up a conversation with a Lady at the bar, (BTW I had Beam on the rocks) who was trying to figure out her football bets.
    She said she thinks she knows football but doesn't do so good.
    And that she doesn't know baseball but won a big bet last year on the Tigers during the ALCS.
    I went out and walked around the shoreline to get a view of Detroit.
    From the Windsor side Detroit looks great.
    Then went back in to another bar and asked about the 40 Creek, they didn't have it either (another Beam on the rocks) but the bartender knew of it thru his brother-in-law who is in a Canadian Whiskey Tasting group, he said that they taste and score Canandians, I was polite and did not say anything about brown vodka.
    Checked out some shops and then caught up with my Bride.
    She lost all the money that she brought to lose and we cashed out the $50 ticket from my win and had a great lunch.

    Ok, now to get back into the USA.
    The guard asked us the usual questions but he sounded like he was stiftly projecting his voice in an artificial manner.
    And when I was answering him he was obviously listening to some one else in the booth with him, I could hear this person but not understand what he was saying.
    I thought I must have a trainee here.
    I told him about the 3 bottles of whiskey and he wanted to look in the glove box and trunk. After looking in the trunk he asked "Where is it?"
    "Wheres what?" I responded.
    "The liquor"
    "Oh that's on the floor in the back seat"
    After finding it he said in a low and relaxed voice, "You are only allowed one bottle per person and that duty could be charged, keep that in mind next time."
    He then went back into the booth and back to the voice projecting and asked about firearms, tobacco and food.
    We had a half of a beef pantini and he consficted it.
    "No uninspected beef allowed in."
    I told him I understood and that it was no problem, and thought to myself, hell I'll trade half a sandwich for 3 Turkeys anytime.

    Now then on to yesterday's tasting.
    The Sherry Signature is interesting, it says on the box that it is 10yo WT with a second maturation in sherry casks from Spain over the course of Kentucky's warm summers and cool winters, (but doesn't say how many seasons). Oloroso Sherry is added to the whiskey as needed in the final stage to ensure a perfectly balanced flavor.
    Very good nose, it smells of sherry and Turkey, the taste is not very complex, but it is flavorful, again like sherry but light and like Turkey but an alcohol taste that is suprising because it is only 86 proof.
    I am going to have one after dinner today, I think it will be good.
    In another post I stated I opened a WT Kentucky Spirit that I was not quite satisfied with because previous ones far so very very good.
    So I did a 50/50 mix of this WTKS and the WTSS and WOW, I think I got something here!
    It was like sweet WTKS's I have had in the past.

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    Re: Windsor Road-Trip

    You actually got treated decent at the border. While I have never paid any duty at the border, I have been told technically that there is no allowance unless you are in Canada 48 hours. I have seen the customs pull vehicles aside and completely unload them after people gave them a hassle. Good to know about the WT bottles as I want to get some more on a trip to Windsor next month!


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    Re: Windsor Road-Trip

    Oscar, sounds like a great day had by you and the wife that's awesome. Great snag on the Turkey's and the $50 bucks. I never stop at the duty free going over always on the way back, I'll need to make a note of that.

    Great job on the mix of 2 goods to make one great sipper! I find myself playing around with that and some almost empty bottles on the bar. (I have so much open now that I would not open another bottle until I clear some space on the bar. Ended a bottle of ETL and opened the Hirsch>


    Oh yeah your boarder crossing was not bad like Craig I have seen them remove the interior of the cars, as well as tear apart the trunk! I feel any day they donn't make you stop and pay the $2.30 duty id a good day.
    "So long as the presence of death lurks with anyone who goes through the simple act of swallowing, I will make mine whiskey"



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