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    Barrel making (cooperage) for bourbon...

    I found this clip on "Utube". It's Beam oriented and gives a good run down on how barrels are made.

    I remember someone (here) asking me to get them "inside" a cooperage. Well, let me tell ya, it was akin to getting a act passed by Congress! The deed was done but many restrictions were put upon my visiting friend.

    I ventured into one just down the road. Not the cooperage on the video. He (the owner) finally caught up with me and was not a "happy camper".

    I know how difficult it can be to get a "birds-eye" view from the inner core of a cooperage. I thought many of you would like to see this clip.

    Click here ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkc6V...ing%20drinking
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    Re: Barrel making (cooperage) for bourbon...

    Very nice video. Thanks for the link

    Looks like it was perhaps filmed in the late 70's.

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    Re: Barrel making (cooperage) for bourbon...

    Neat video... there's quite a variety of interesting machinery involved in the process.

    I love the Cheap Trick tour shirt the guy is wearing at 00:51 into the video!
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