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    Re: Bloody Mary Vodka

    I am going to suggest something completely different (and not really what you asked for). Try gin. I prefer a bloody mary made with gin, particularly Tanqueray. If they can make martinis with vodka, we can make bloody maries with gin.

    BTW, I saw an interesting comment once on the recent focus on flavored vodkas. It sort of went "if we keep this up we may well invent gin".


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    Cool Re: Bloody Mary Vodka

    I, too, have always preferred my Bloody Mary's with gin, but I was trying to stay out of this. You gave me an opening.
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    Re: Bloody Mary Vodka

    I use the cheapest crap I can find for Bloody Mary's. Usually a 1.75 I get in Maryland for about 8 bucks. The Bloody Mary's are fine.
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    Re: Bloody Mary Vodka

    I apologize for just now replying. My wife and I spent a few days in Ireland and then our computer crashed. I will try some of your recommended vodkas and the Zing Zang. My favorite mixer so far is Red Eye Horseradish. I never thought about gin in my bloody mary, but I will give it a try. Tim, I'm willing to do some tasting with you guys the next time you get together, although my tastes are different from most of the contributors to the site.

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    Re: Bloody Mary Vodka


    I don't know when a tasting will happen. But it will. It will.

    As for your tastes being different than others on the board, I know Grain Brain and I (and Jeff) have pretty wide-ranging tastes and interests as far as whiskey goes. And anyway, I like differing opinions. A 3-hour love-in for Stitzel-Weller or National Distillers would get pretty dull.

    I'll post in the Bourbon Social thread whenever we get a DFW tasting off the ground. Probably now not going to happen during the holidays, barring a sudden opening occurring in everyone's schedule (PMs and lack of posts indicate nobody's free right now).

    Horseradish is a spectacular Bloody Mary addition, BTW...



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