Once I was at the now-defunct Oldenburg brewpub in Fort Mitchell, KY. It was to see Michael Jackson give a beer dinner there. The facility was very large with different components (hotel, the brewery, a large beerhall-type facility, also an excellent breweriana museum) and there was a bus to ferry people around. At about 1:00 a.m. I was in the bus returning to the hotel. Across from me was Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. I was, and am, a big fan of the band. We talked about the beers although I was a bit star struck. While evidently he liked a good brew, later I realised it was probably a research trip since the band wasn't playing there and he invested some years after in a brewpub in Chicago called Piece, an excellent brewpub and restaurant I've patronised a couple of times. Anyway around this time there was publicity about how loud rock music was starting to affect the hearing of some famous bands, e.g., The Who. So I asked him, "you guys were always really loud, are you worried about that because of what Townshend has said about tinnitus?". And he replied, "what"? (He was joshing me in other words ).

This recollection was prompted by the statement on another thread about a Cheap Trick t-shirt.