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    Christmas Present

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and I've joined so I can determine what bourbon to get my boyfriend for his Christmas present.

    He is a Wild Turkey 101 lover.

    Previously, he has had Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Bookers (2 times) for gifts. I want to get him something special and different this time.

    I've thought of getting him George T. Stagg but none of the companies will ship it to me. I live in NJ or can get shipments in PA.

    Any thoughts?

    ETA: OK now I have rules put on my gift. :-( It can't be over $60. So I am pretty sure that takes George T Stagg out of the running. I have seen it for under $60, but those people are out of stock!

    He likes stronger flavors, so I hope you guys can help me.
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