In november whiskylive leiden 2007 (NL)starts with some new whiskies,from Sweden comes a single malt Macmyra with its 6th bottling but the real novelties are the whiskies from Filliers bros. Belgium and Valleidistillery Holland.Filliers is known in Canada and the US for their jenevers and Vanhoo vodka,they now come with two grainwhiskies 3yo and 10yo.Filliers used their stock of moutwijn for these whiskies because the jenevermarket gets smaller and smaller.Surprisingly the results seem smashing according some nosing&tasting sessions.Within a month we know more.The Valleidistillery started in 2002 and is experimenting with their ingredients.Their first bottles are on the shelf in december 3yo.The distillery uses ecological barley,wet yeast(not dried) and the still(200 litres) is heated from the inside.Their barrels come from Ireland and held previously Irish whiskey and bourbon.More info can be found on or .