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Thread: tax stamps

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    tax stamps

    when did they start putting tax stamps on bottles of bourbon someone told me it was only 18 years ago and thats how old my bottle was but if it was only 18 years old i think i would be able to find something out a/b dowling distillers

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    Re: tax stamps

    Quote Originally Posted by tnfootball419 View Post
    when did they start putting tax stamps on bottles of bourbon
    It's actually the opposite. Tax stamps were required on all liquor bottles until Reagan Administration changes made them superfluous to the ATF, but bottlers retained strip stamps for their tamper-proofing until tamper-evident caps could be integrated with their bottling lines. Also, a few bottlers used strip stamps even after starting to use TE caps, such as National Distillers Frankfort plant in the late '80s and the new WT 15y, as part of their presentation.

    A true tax stamp will have a 9 digit number stamped on it and will be red (unless it is a green bib label). 1982 or so is the last year for true tax stamps.

    This has been discussed ad nauseum on the forums here. The search function will yield a lot of info.

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