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    Michters - again

    It's been a while since we've talked about Michter's.

    This was an old Pennsylvania distillery which expired for good in the 1980's. Brands are issued today under the Michter name but the whiskey (which is certainly good) is from Kentucky.

    There is also the surviving stocks of Hirsch 16, which is genuine Michter's and very good at its best, but it was aged much beyond what the Michter's-brand whiskey was as issued by Michter's from the 1950's-80's. That whiskey was 6 years old and was not technically a bourbon or rye: it was a straight-style whiskey but used a 50% corn mashbill, the rest being heavy on rye (37%) and remainder barley malt.

    I've tasted quite a few of these, mostly from decanters I found myself or was traded by members here.

    The last I have of it is about 4 ounces, which was from half a decanter traded to me by one of the senior members here.

    I pull it out once in a while and had some today.

    This whiskey is just so good. It has barrel influence but only lightly, just enough to lend a tinge of oak and smoke. It has a faint "old roses" taste (courtesy the rye) and is slightly sweet. It has a cold climate flavour with notes of maple, forest and Northern Appalachian fall air: how do you like them apples, or grains: I do, a lot.

    I may never get any more but I have this little stash left which is a taste of history and likely similar to what was sold as Michter's before WW 1 (then the distillery was called Bomberger and it sold a straight rye, but I have every reason to think the Michter's Original Sour Mash of the later era mentioned was a recreation of that or pretty close).

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