my first post..hello notes for the current geo. stagg:

george t stagg uncut/unfiltered barrel proof 15 year old kentucky straight bourbon whiskey - 72.4% / 144.8 proof

color: rich caramel

nose: brown sugar, pecans, raisins

mouthfeel: immediate soft blanketing of the top and sides of mouth, cheeks with a velvet glow....the alcohol is prominent and grows intense on the tonguetip and inside the bottom lasts quite a long while

taste: pralines, butter, brown sugar, the alcohol taste is coated with an eggnog flavor, nutmeg, corn, soft lemon

nose with a splash of water: caramel, sugar

taste with a splash of water: the flavors dissipate and you get just a watered down version of the original....

best neat if you can handle it.....this is genuinely a "sipping" bourbon...not even a mouthfull, a sip big enough to coat the tongue and swish around the mouths/gums.......sit back and let it laaaaaaaaaaast.......

i really wish i had better words to describe this one