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    Re: Help me find a drink in StL

    Julian tasted this DN squat bottle with DSP-16 on the label a couple years ago, at the gazebo. He said there's no way that is S/W!!!

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    Re: Help me find a drink in StL

    Then it's mislabeling. Call the feds.

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    Re: Help me find a drink in StL

    I know the response is a bit late, but I was in your same situation about a month ago. I found it very difficult to find a place to get a drink downtown. Unless its right after a cardinals game, teh area was pretty dead for the week I was there. I ended up a night at a bar called the dubliner (Irish bar that might be a chain) that had a decent whiskey/bourbon selection. A place I ate at lunch within walking distance of you is Kitchen K that was quite good.

    A site that I use a lot while travelling to find new restaurants and bars is www.yelp.com .



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