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    Re: 18-year-old Canadians

    Quote Originally Posted by pepcycle View Post
    Darn, I thought this was a dating or XXX thread.
    Ed, I'm with you.
    I thought this may have been a thread where you can choose a Canadian backpacker to stay at your house while wanting to see your country!

    Now that I realize it isn't, The only older Canadian Whiskey I have had is Canadian Club 20yo, and I love it!

    Seriously though, I have a spare room.......

    "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day" - Frank Sinatra

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    Re: 18-year-old Canadians

    Picked up a bottle of Gibson's Finest Rare 18-year-old last night. Very nice, not as flavourful as Wiser's Very Old but it has some good spice to it. Baked apple and cinnamon on the nose, brown sugar and toasted oak on the palette, with a long finish of bitter rye and oak. It was on sale at $10 off, putting it back to the price it sold for a year ago.

    On a related subject, my prediction came true; Wiser's Very Old went up $5. My next prediction is that in the next six months, it goes up another $5.



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