Last night, I was sipping on some Weller Antique. While doing so, I popped down into my basement, magically of course (at least that's what I recall), to type out my "Third Shift" thread. Once finished, I floated up the stairs and, at the same time, took a sip of my Weller. While looking at the bottom of my glass, mid-sip, I spied a colony of inanimate foreign objects floating in my glass of bourbon! Once upstairs, I walked through the wall and into the kitchen and took a peek at my Weller Antique bottle and sure enough, at the bottom of the bottle was a bunch of white coconut-looking objects!!!! Of course, since I was magically appearing/reapearing at various levels of my house, walking through walls and floating up stairs, I figured I probably was seeing things. So, this morning, with my head on tall and straight, I checked my bottle of Weller again only to find the same set of circumstances.

Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone else notice coconut-looking objects floating in their bourbon bottles?! If so, what is the stuff? I was thinking that perhaps it was the coating on the inside of the bottle cap where the threads are but I haven't really checked the bottle cap.

Let me know if you've heard of this happening or if it's happened to you!


Mark Brown