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how's it going with the RBreed?

as i've said here in my few posts, i WAS very impressed with the RR 90...and though i prefer the bite of regular WT 101, the RR 90 was a really nice, spikey-mellow (and complex enough) example of pure alchemy.

i admit, i haven't found a bottle of the RR 101....and really really want to...but i totally recommend the 90. wonderful stuff.


your report on the RB might cause me to go ahead and lake a run for it myself...on sale now in PA lcb stores for $29.99......

Andy, that sounds like a good price. I think the RB up here was around $35 but not sure. The RR I believe was in the $40's.

Also, as an update to my run to the liquor store, please check out What bourbon did you purchase today? Oh, what I find!