There's a spot called dba on first ave in manhattan. I'm going there for a couple of drinks before my birthday party tomorrow. They have a pretty sizable selection, and since I'm going to have these while I can still taste em, I wanted to see if folks have some "YOU MUST TRY THIS" thoughts, so I know what I can ask my wife for for my birthday

I have a feeling I know what folks are gonna suggest, although since I can't find Hirsch 20 in a bottle and can't afford a $200 bottle of PVW23, any additional selections?

Hirsch 16
Hirsch 20
Distillers's Masterpiece 18 yrs
I.W. Harper Gold Medal 15 yrs.
Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve 13 yrs.
Old Fitzgerald Very Special 12 yrs.*
Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 yrs.*
Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof
Eagle Rare 17 yrs.
Hancock's Reserve
Henry McKenna 10 yrs.
Rock Hill Farms Bottled in Bond
Jefferson's Reserve 15 yrs.

I tend to like a little bit sweeter bourbon, but am also up for the higher proof. Any thoughts y'all?