Hello to everyone! A little about myself, grew up in Pittsburgh Pa. A shot and a beer town (JB white) After leaving when the steel mills started closing I spent 4 years in NM then the last 20 years in Mi. still drinking JB. As fate would have it job / economy has led me to Ky. Been here almost a year. Wonted to find out what this Ky. bourbon was all about. Needless to say I haven't had any JB since I got to Ky. I'm like a little kid in a candy Store. I ride motorcycles so most of my rides are to distilleries or searching for new liquor stores. In fact if their are any riders that would be interested in a bourbon tour type of ride let me know.
No withdrawals today but I will make a small deposit. I travel a good bit to Mi, mid Oh. and the Pitt. area. Any one needing something from Ky. be glad to make arrangements. I also ran across a few bottles that may appeal to some. I've not spent much time with MM but ran across a 2004 Seattle slew and a 2005 affirmed and a WTKS pewter top.

Thanks, Looking forward to sipping a few.