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Thread: Ginger Beer

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    Hey Carl,

    This ain't got nothin ta do with the price of eggs in Missisippi.......but it ain't a Chevy or a Ford or whatever that other thing ya wuz talkin about......It's a Jeep Grand Cherokee...........and iffin ya hit a running red bull (at night) in the middle of the road at 55 miles per hour you will not wreck........ it will knock the bull over ya jeep...... (along with a lot of cow dung) and it will end up in the fence line.... along side the road... almost where it came from..........then you will comince ta drive that jeep kinda skeered...... you will pull off the side of the road......hell, ya ain't goin far cause your tires and you fender are touchin......ya put it in park and turn the key off......Heck far we went back to where it happened..... a couple of hours later to show the kids the bull and dad burn somebody had already picked it up for supper!...

    This is not bull .........IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED..........I will always buy a JEEP!

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: Jeep

    Damn! I have seen people in SUV's hit deer and their Autos come out looking like scrap metal, and you ran down a Bull and won!!!

    That one strong ass jeep!


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    Re: Jeep

    This is what it looked like after the fur flew....... What you cannot see is the Bull crap sprayed all over it and the fur in the bumper and fender....

    I really believe.... if we had been in our Blazer someone would have been hurt and we would have lost control.....

    Bettye Jo
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