I paid a visit to an old liquor store on the White Horse Pike today where I've found nice dusty bottles of bourbon before. The owner remembered me and turned me lose in the back room, and deep in a corner, literally caked in dust, was a bottle of a blended scotch from the early eighties called Black Bull. Bearing a tax stamp with a date of May 1, 1983, this is the self-proclaimed " Magnificent Bull", blended by George Willsher & Co., established 1864, Dundee, Scotland. In a squat quart bottle with a white label and a little plastic bull tied around the neck. Distributed in the U.S. by John Gross & Co, Baltimore

The stuff is damn tasty! It's the only 100 proof scotch I believe I've ever seen, and it tastes very much like Teachers Highland Cream, a smoky dram which the grain whiskey balances well though the finish. I tasted it side by side with some 90s vintage Teacher's - the stuff Jim Murray raved about - and this is a rival for the balance and depth of flavor - with the added kick, especially appreciated by an old Wild Turkey drinker like myself, of 100 proof strength.

So anyway, does anyone know anything about this stuff or ever tried it? There's precious little information on the internet, no tasting notes anyway, and it appears that however Magnificent it once was, it is no longer on the market. But I'm glad to have found it - it's powerful, nuanced and flavorful blending.