Good morning. I'm a rather new bourbon drinker, once you get past my high school days with Jack Daniels. Just a little background on me. I was once an avid homebrewer until my son was born. I decided filling 40 something bottles of beer was not worth my time and have sworn I would not start brewing again until I can keg. That has been 4 1/2 years ago and I still haven't started. I recently got into wanting to try different bourbons when a friend of mine began talking about drinking bourbon when I got to see him on his move through town. I remembered the college days when he had a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed that he guarded with a passion. I found this site about 3 weeks ago and picked up a couple of bottles after reading a little. I bought a small sampler of Buffalo Trace and then a bottle of WT 101. I tried the Buffalo Trace and had to add water to it for it to taste decent enough to finish, but the WT 101 was a match made in heaven. Since then I have been hooked, but I limit myself on my purchases. I can't stand the thought of buying a 750ml or so of something and not liking it. What can I say, I'm a tight wad.. As we speak I am about to finish a decent pour of WT 80 Proof that had two ice cubes in it. I like it, but the 101 has my heart.

Anyway I know this got long, and I apologize, but I am really enjoying my new adventure with bourbon and I'm glad I found this site. Two