I just got back from a visit to Binny's (Clark Street). What they have on the shelf is interesting. So is what they don't have.

Overall, I noticed a lot of things that are reputedly in short supply elsewhere: Gold Foil Hirsch ($79.99), the last five OFBB issues, including 2007 (different prices but all under $40), lots of different BMH and Kentucky Vintage iterations, Old Charter 8 and 10, plenty of OGD114 and EWSB 96, and plenty of the new Russell's Reserve Rye.

What they do not have: no BTAC except Eagle Rare 17, no Four Roses of any kind(it's supposed to be in Chicago by now), no Parker's Heritage Collection, no Wild Turkey American Spirit.

Come to think of it, I didn't notice any Pappy, though I may have missed it. They have Old Rip.

What did I get:
A. H. Hirsch 16-year-old gold foil, $79.99
Russell's Reserve 10-year-old bourbon, $24.99
Russel's Reserve 6-year-old rye, $29.99

Interesting that the younger rye costs more than the older bourbon. The bottles are very similar but clearly different, as are the labels. They're both 90 proof.