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I've learned with the new '07 BTAC that barrel proof is not the be all, end all. What I've found with the Stagg is at 144+ proof, it has a tendency to numb my tongue. Granted, there's a bunch of flavor at barrel proof but what good is it when you lose half your tastebuds after the first few sips?

So, what I decided to do last night, after having lost 5,000 tastebuds, was water down the Stagg to around 120 proof. By deluting the bouron, I was able to keep my remaining tastebuds and, at the same time, maintain the integrity of the flavor.

By the way, I've had no problem with the '07 WLW. My tastebuds remain intact throughout.
Anyone (IMHO) who drinks the new GTS straight is trying to compensate for something... 144 proof will pickle anyone's taste buds to the point where they cannot distinguish much of anything. Dilute it down to a more reasonable proof (you decide) and enjoy all the richness and complexity that it has to offer...