I'm not sure if this is your meaning but for sure, it's not Buffalo Trace that is driving the prices up on the BTAC. The varying prices from merchant to merchant shows that there is a wide range of pricing that as you say is artificially inflated to a point but that's not BT's fault. If anything, the pricing for a barrel proof limited bottling is VERY reasonable (unless you have to buy on eBay) for the product IMHO. Especially for the Stagg which consistantly garners high marks from all the "experts". Personally, I have one of each of the others, and like Randy only keep buying the Stagg to keep the vertical line going. But I digress. If you want to point out who's driving the prices up, look to the distribution, sale, and resale markets. As long as I can find Stagg at 60 bucks or less I consider that a bargain well worth the cost I doubt I'd pay for many of the other superpremiums.