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    Re: Liquor sales banned...

    Quote Originally Posted by ILLfarmboy View Post
    And perhaps more troubling, it sounds like there is perhaps a racial edge to this particular issue akin to the antiquated laws in the Old West that forbade the selling of whiskey to Indians.
    Maybe it does have such an 'edge' as you say in some parts of the country or county/city/town. Not my intent to branch this thread off into another, more proper category of this forum for such discussions.......but, I have seen such actions & heard this argument in other places in which I have lived. To be more frank, I am speaking of municipalities where malt liquor sales were either discouraged or regulated to some degree in predominately African-American communities in the name of curbing crime. Now, that was never the spoken word.....but, discussing the subject with former co-workers at the time who were from said community, it was certainly implied by the local powers-that-be by their actions against sellers of alcohol in that particular area of town.
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