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    Vegas Robaina Famosos & Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year

    I haven't been around much, but I thought I would share a review of a great pairing I had recently.

    Name: Vegas Robaina Famosos
    Size: 5" (127 mm)
    Weight: 10.86 grams
    Box Code: AML SEP 06
    Vitola: Hermoso No. 4
    Country of Origin: Cuba
    Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
    Factory: H. Upmann

    Appearance: This is one pretty looking cigar. Fairly firm for a Cuban cigar, but not too much so, construction seems to be a plus. Graced with a smooth milk-chocolate wrapper, delicious looking with nary a vein to be seen, this is one of the prettiest looking habanos I have seen to date.

    Pre-Light: Clip was easy and a non issue. It was more like peeling the triple cap off than clipping anyway. There-light draw had a bit of resistance but was not difficult by any means. Notes from pre light were dry and earthy and/or woody.

    Burn/Draw: This might have been the best burning Cuban cigar I have ever had! Almost all of the Habanos I have smoked needed a touch up at some point (no matter how minor) but this one was the first true light and forget. The burn was long and slow and cool, it took about an hour to smoke this cigar. The draw was in the middle of the scale, not loose, nor tight, and I think that helped the nice cool burn. The ash was firm and mottled, and held for about two inches.

    Flavors: This is one very tasty cigar. It starts with a birth of rich, organic earthiness. Then it settles in to a plethora of nice dry notes. That is the aspect that intrigued me the most about this cigar. There is no real discernible sweet note in this cigar. There are plenty of fabulous dry notes, that nice earthy base note, and on top of that there were several different burning wood smells and tastes. this cigar is staunchly medium strength and medium bodied, which I think fits the profile of the stogie quite well. The flavor was pretty consistent the whole way down the length of the cigar, with not much in the way of change or development. On the whole I would say that this is a good Cuban cigar to have at a herf, where you want something much better than average, but consistant that does not necessarily demand your attention to examine its nuances (because you know what you are going to get here). This would make a good staple Cuban cigar, and you should try it if you get the chance. Recommended.

    As For The Ancient Ancient Age, this is one of the best budget pours there is out there, all caramel smoothness and delicious sweetness. It is a shame that it isnt more wisely available.

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