Even in Washington you can get BH but I have always stayed away because frankly I thought they might be compensating for something with the packaging. But in the spirit of BOTM I went out this afternoon and picked one up. It is about $37 here, which is about $3 cheaper than Bakers and $16 cheaper than Bookers but $5 more than KC. Rather than drinking it on its own I decided to do a little blind taste test. I am pretty new to the bourbon scene so the blind taste test gave me quite a bit of insight about my own preferences. In order of preference I liked PVW15, KC, Bakers, Bookers, EC12, WTRB, Eagle Rare, MM and BH. There were some close calls but to be honest the most obvious thing to me was that BH was my least favorite pour among them. I am going to have to try it again tomorrow night but right now I can see all of that fancy packaging sitting on my shelf for a long time. At least it looks nice.