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    Re: BOTM,11/07:Basil Haydens

    Same here (re: wife buying for Christmas -- I was able to exchange the unopened bottle for an Elijah Craig 18yo, I think.)

    I have little quarrel with the bourbon in the bottle as a more refined, less rambunctious version of OGD. I like that high-rye flavor (Chuck's "vegetal").

    It's all about the value: far too pricey for what it is. Bar drink only for me, and even then I'll call for Bakers or WR instead at the same price.

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    Re: BOTM,11/07:Basil Haydens

    so is that a fundamental characteristic of Rye? that vegetal sense i get in regular OGD BIB?

    not knowing my grains quite (i just know what i like), is this what i should expect, should i go for the WTurkey RYE? a refined 'vegetal' sense?

    i am starting to understand it, but i have to really struggle to 'understand' the OGD when i sip it....

    to be honest, i thought that 'odd' taste and smell of OGD BIB was the corn...like i said, i am still getting my footnote-bearings with regards to identifying grain flavor profiles.....

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    Re: BOTM,11/07:Basil Haydens

    No, rye shows itself in different ways. The vegetal taste of OGD and most Beam products seems only one manifestation of the rye taste. Sometimes it is a grassy smell and taste, sometimes spicy or earthy. The Beam signature may be explained in fact by other factors, such as its yeast.


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    Re: BOTM,11/07:Basil Haydens

    What Gary said.

    Wild Turkey rye, for example, has an earthy taste, but it's not the same as the earthy/musty taste that is a Buffalo Trace signature characteristic. It's more like earth, as in dirt, and if that sound prejorative, well, I'm less fond of WTR than I am of RRR, where that quality is still there, but more in the background.

    The OGD taste, which I might also describe as foxy, is something I get from Jim Beam white too, but not from Old Overholt Rye or Jim Beam Rye.

    With Rittenhouse, it's more spice and heat, but not that vegetal or raw grain taste.

    With Bulleit, which contains slightly more rye than OGD, it's more spice and flowers. Lilacs, I think.

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    Re: BOTM,11/07:Basil Haydens

    Chuck, I must be learning something. I agree with everything you say about the WT and BT signature characteristic. OO and JB Rye seem to me to be two totally different animals from other Beam products. I haven't tried Rittenhouse Rye yet, as I haven't found the BIB or 80 proof in Dallas.



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