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    Exclamation Heaven Hill: charcoal filtered, bottom shelf

    ok, please excuse my whining, but i've been letting this brew all day.

    first, a technical question: what is the mash bill for Heaven Hill's basic white label, 80 proof "old style bourbon" ? (see photo, attached)

    i thought i understood the difference between corn and rye.

    rye is spicey. corn is sweet. this isn't sweet to me (or spicey) so i can only wonder what the formula is...

    first, let me let my INITIAL tasting notes from this afternoon fly. this was preceded by a pour of EW 1783...

    to be honest, my notes were full of optimism and hope. i WANTED to like this. of course, at $8.79...but then, why am i surprised now?

    the notes--

    appearance: honey/straw, long thick legs followed by micro-legs that fall apart on descent--similar sticky cling drops i saw with the EW 1783...

    nose: apples, stewed sweetness ? cheese? peppermint?
    nothing specific but still "pronounced"...on second taste, the pronounced becomes more, er, pronounced: canned vegetables (greens? corn?)...

    taste: oily, buttery, woody...second and third tastes confim LEFTOVER VEGETABLE CASSEROLE left on the counter for 2 days

    finish: squash? pine bark?

    ok, am i being fair?

    this really threw me into a swirl. i had to confirm something with regards to quality. i quickly has some Eagle Rare 10 SB...whew and ah....my tastebuds had not gone out. this is quality. this is why i spend money on top shelf bourbon...

    i admit, this was an unpredmeditated buy...i had gone for the EW 1783 only because it is a closeout here in PA and was only $8.99.

    but this one, at even less, turned out to be a VALUABLE lesson. in one sense i feel dumb. in another, i now appreciate the middle and top shelf bourbons even more.

    ok, why, though was this such a shocker to me? why am i so blown away by the endgame of Heaven Hill's bottle of old rags-n-bad-cabbage? i really don't even know if 3 peppermint sticks thrown in the bottle will help. i even doubt i will be able to cook with this.

    now, i AM open minded. is there a dimension i am missing here?

    is this what a dominantly corn whiskey tastes like? if so, i will pass on asking my parents to seek out a bottle of Mellow Corn for me while they still hang out in mississippi (and yeah, the MSU Dawgs beat Ole Miss today, yeeahh!!! ).

    thanks for bearing with me. this post still didn't pan out as i had hoped. i hope folks will get my point.

    i am disappointed, heavily. but then, no financial loss. but what a multi-dimensional eye-opener!

    are all those other bottlings like AA and others that one finds ON THE BOTTOM SHELF similarly 'distinctive'?

    if so, i'll cling to my basic WT 101. i'll take that over almost anything else, any day.
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