Well I guess I put the cart in front of the horse when I logged into the chatroom last night before I introduced myself here.So here goes. My name is Mike and I live in Vancouver British Columbia.I was introduced to Bourbon (Makers Mark)exactly one year ago and developed an immediate fondness for the spirit.So much so that I did a search and fortunately came upon this site.I've been lurking for a while and reading everything I can before I start posing questions.I can honestly say that although I don't have real sophisticated tastebuds yet I have learned a lot by reading others tasting notes.We have a fairly limited selection of bourbons here and they're pretty pricey but I have manged to try all except two.PVW 20 year old which runs $175 for 750 ml and Rock hill farms @ $100 for same size. Our govt LDB will be bringing in some PVW23 YO sometime soon and it will cost $325 per 750 ml.Fortunately I manage to get to the USA fairly often and bring home a bottle of something different each time.I met a friendly bunch in the chatroom last night and talked and listened while I enjoyed a pour.Thanks again to all for your warm reception .I look forward to talking to everyone again soon....Mike